Various Roles of a Business Consultant


A business consultant plays a very important function in the running of a business. Operational challenges are corrected when you employ or hire a proper consultant for your particular business situation. A fledgling business requires the input of an expert on a continuous basis. Success in any business endeavor is as a result of a deliberate plan to commit yourself to excellent business practices. Consultants therefore come in handy to supplement the knowledge that entrepreneurs and business people already have. They employ their expertise to build a business and solve its problems.

The various roles of consultants can be discussed as follows:

Knowledge Base

There are areas of operations in your business that require specialized skill to run. A consultant comes with years of experience on a particular area of business and employs their skill to solve any business related challenges. Finding a good consultant is like tapping a reservoir of knowledge and experience. They are a repository of business knowledge and are able to move your business forward. When your business begins to grow, it is important to bring in an expert to assess its capacity for growth and also to infuse measures that are able to help you manage this growth. A business can be divided into various branches and every branch of business has a specific need. Knowledge is built and wrapped around these areas of business. This requires an expert who can use their experience and understanding of business to unlock problems through their specialized knowledge. You need to have a clear plan in order to achieve this.

Advisory Role

Most businesses suffer from lack of an advisory board. It is the work of a consultant to guide you to properly make key decisions that face your business. An advisory board is essentially the think-tank for any business, a place where business owners and key decision makers are able to brainstorm and chart the way forward for their business. Consultants will help you identify and manage business opportunities that come your way. This role involves research and development, conducting an analysis of business opportunities that are viable for exploitation.


Businesses are faced by management problems. Periodic spurts in management as a result of lack of organization can cripple a business. A consultant should advise you well and help you manage and match talent to ensure that your business is properly run. This involves detailing the functional capabilities of each department and merging duties where they overlap. Management consulting is a delicate area that requires the skill and dexterity of an experienced management consultant. They (management consultants) help businesses maximize growth and increase efficiency by managing the operations of the business.

Strategy Development

Companies, small individual business owners and corporations periodically employ consultants to develop their strategic plans. Businesses need to know how to position themselves to the outside world. Strategy development involves developing a P.R. plan, sales and marketing cum brand awareness, creating a customer retention program among many others. It encompasses the whole structure of a business. A business consultant enables you to have a proper approach to defining and moving your business strategy in line with your business objectives. Strategy development should be a continuous exercise so that your business does not remain static with old and obsolete strategies and plans.

Solution Development

Consultants should be able to define problems and demonstrate adeptness when it comes to solution development. Your business will be faced with problems. Whereas some of these problems may not be technical, you need the assistance of a consultant to craft clear, workable solutions to your business related problems. This will save you a lot of time so that you can concentrate on your core business. Solution development requires research and data collection to determine what works and what does not work. Various methods can be employed to do this for example by interviewing the employees in an organization to gather their input on how best to solve some of the problems facing the business.

Financial Analysis

Your business cannot run without finances. You need proper documented records that capture the flow of money and project the true financial picture of your business. A financial consultant’s role is to do financial analysis and recommend areas that need to be corrected if need be. The financial requirements of your business must be properly documented and budgetary allocations monitored. This can be properly managed with a financial consultant. It is their duty to make sure that a business runs well and is liquid financially. They should raise a warning bell when the finances are in bad shape. Companies are run with money and financial consultants who are experts in raising equity for businesses are able to advise business owners the best means of raising capital. Investment consultants have a unique role of crafting an investment plan which creates avenues of exploring various investment vehicles.

Project Management

A business consultant can take up projects on behalf of your company or business and runs them to completion. Their role is to ensure that projects are successfully completed within the framework and time set by your business or company. This involves defining the scope and objectives of your projects and their implementation and ultimate conclusion. Consultants ensure that your projects do not stall along the way and that you become accountable and committed to your resolve to complete any pending projects.

When looking for a consultant to hire, take note of their area of expertise and properly understand their role and how they are going to work for you. This should be very clear from the onset in order to avoid role duplication. It is important that you hire a consultant to do that which you cannot handle in your business. This calls for clear role clarification and an understanding on how the job will be done.

Hiring a consultant who best matches your business needs will boost your business, help you to maximize productivity and scale growth upwards.

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