Small Business Consulting – Benefits Self Employed or Micro Businesses


Small business consulting is very important for self employed business people and micro-enterprises.  Self employed individuals and micro businesses do not have the necessary staff and expertise to run and manage their business. This is largely due to their limited capital. Such businesses are largely faced by major operational inefficiencies due to inadequate staff. A business owner needs to enlist the help of an experienced consultant to help them manage their operations. This will be helpful especially since the owner of the business may be concerned with overseeing the overall running of their business. Tasks that can be delegated can be left in the able hands of consultants.

Self employed business people and owners of micro-businesses start their business on the premise of passion i.e. doing what they love. Their businesses largely spawn from a desire to achieve a personal goal and the need to express their passion through business. Most of these businesses however are not properly run. A small business consultant will be useful to help you organize the management function of your business and run it with the expertise it deserves. Self employed individuals who have the entrepreneurial spirit but have no managerial skills on how to run a business will benefit by hiring business consultants to help them manage their businesses.

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Growth often poses a challenge to small businesses. Business owners are often faced with difficulties when it comes to determining whether their customers are satisfied. It can also be hard to measure organic growth in the business. Businesses that face growth also have opportunities to bring on board partners through mergers and acquisitions. A self employed individual may need to bring a partner on board to boost his business. Such prospects for growth require an understanding on how to integrate two businesses together to achieve a common goal. Without the help of a consultant, mergers can be poorly done and more often than not conflicts arise from such arrangements. A good consultant will organize this function for a business owner and ensure that all customer metrics are tracked and captured. Mergers will be arranged to reflect one unifying purpose from two or more businesses.

More often than not, the focus of sales and marketing for self employed business people is limited to what they individually can do. Selling is the lifeblood of any business and micro-businesses and self employed individuals will benefit largely from a well organized marketing plan. Businesses that have no marketing plan cannot move their products well and increase their bottom line. It is prudent to employ an expert in marketing who will help steer your business to new sales frontiers. The difference between success and failure with regard to marketing is a very thin line. A consultant will help you craft a unique value proposition so that your services and products are not commoditized.

As a self employed business individual or owner of micro business, you need advice on a regular basis. Large successful businesses have coaches who form part of their advisory boards. An advisory board is similar to a business think-tank that enables you assess the opportunities available for business, manage the threats and discover your strength and weaknesses.

Self employed individuals start their businesses fuelled by passion and a drive to succeed in business. Passion often stands in the way of realizing business objectives and goal. This can be the Achilles heel in your business. Individual business people sometimes hold an optimistic view on their business hinged on passion alone. A consultant is an expert who will approach your business objectively with no emotional attachment. A good consultant comes with an unbiased look at your business and is able to quickly weed out the weak areas and help strengthen your business.

Funding is another key area in your business which will require the assistance of an expert. Raising additional funds for a business is a challenge to small businesses. When you want to scale your operations and raise additional funds, you need a consultant to help you raise money. A self employed business person may not know how to approach investors to inject additional funds to their business. Investors may want agreements crafted between them and small businesses about how they will make repayments to money advanced to them. Additional funding is important for small businesses because growth is a continuous process.

A small business needs to scale its operation at different stages in its life. New products need to be added to the existing product line, opportunities need to be explored and unprofitable channels closed. You need to introduce new staff and grow your customer base. Your business needs to grow and progress from the startup phase. You will discover that most small businesses do not move beyond this threshold and yours is not an exception. The expertise of consultants is needed at every stage in the life of a business.

It is therefore wise for a self employed individual or a micro-business to involve consultants in their business operations. Consultants are hired periodically and you will benefit from their expertise. Your staff will also benefit when they work hand in hand with business consultants. You need to periodically assess your business needs and get expert help where you cannot personally manage the operations of a business. Contrary to popular opinion, consultants are not an unnecessary expense as many are wont to assume. Before you engage a consultant to advise you on how to run and manage your business, make a deliberate effort of finding out their track record. This can be done by asking potential consultants for their resume and vetting them. Meet the consultant and let them walk you through their value proposition for your small business. This understanding is very vital in establishing a lasting business relationship with your consultant.

Establish reasonable timelines and encourage an environment of openness and communication between you and your consultant. Constant feedback is very vital so that progress can be measured. In conclusion, the success of your business solely depends on getting the best advice. Next time you are faced with a problem you cannot solve, get a business consultant.

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